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What is Sphinx?

SPHINX is the annual techno-cultural extravaganza of Sardar Patel College of Engineering.
SPCE has had a legacy of conducting mega successful cultural and technical fests called SPACE and SPECTRA, wherein colleges from all over Maharashtra participated in competitions that channelled their inner Elon Musk and Barbara Palvin.

In the wake of 2023, however, SPACE and SPECTRA have been merged to come up with an even more grandiose fest, christened SPHINX, which embodies the technical atmosphere of SPECTRA and cultural frolic of SPACE. 

Hosting more than 20 events under its belt, SPHINX is projected to be the third largest techno-cultural fest in Maharashtra, having events like VOGUE, Robo Soccer, Step Up, Voice It Out and several more - followed by an exhilarating concert by a budding artist.

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